Case Examples

White collar crime in the Federal system can be an endurance case

White collar crime in the Federal system can be an endurance test. This was certainly true when nine defendants were charged in U.S. Court with securities fraud and mail fraud in what amounted to a modified Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is basically where a person convinces you that you are going to receive a read more

Gun case thrown out after drug dog goes for the beef jerky

Two “male blacks” were seen in a brand new rental car by a citizen who called 911 because the car was “swerving all over the road and speeding”. Officers responded and spotted the vehicle a few miles away. The vehicle was being driven in a legal manner. They nonetheless stopped the vehicle on the basis read more

Facing down the feds all the way to the supremes

The Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency arrested several illegal immigrants working in a particular meet packing plant. All the defendants had purchased fake green cards and social security cards. The U.S. attorney decided to charge not only possession of the illegal documents but also identity theft for “stealing” the identity of the persons whose read more

Sexual abuse case thrown out

COPS PROMISE TO TALK NICE ABOUT DEFENDANT-CONFESSION THROWN OUT In a case involving an allegation of sexual abuse against a forty year old man accused by his ex-girlfriend, police officers stated during interrogation that they would “go to the prosecutor” and put in a “good word” if the individual would just confess. The individual did read more