Gary Koos is an attorney in New York City

who specializes in criminal law in State and Federal Courts.

Over 25 Years of Experience as a Practicing Attorney in the Area of Criminal Litigation.

“Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else”.

–Vince Lombardi,

Coach of the Green Bay Packers

At Koos Law Firm we live by these words of the renowned Coach Lombardi. When we take you on as a client we commit to work harder and give more than anyone else to get you the best result possible.

Gary Koos is an attorney with over twenty five years of experience in the trench warfare of the criminal justice system. He knows when to negotiate and when to take his cases to trial. When you’re up against the powerful resources of the State or Federal government Gary Koos has the expertise and tenacity you need.

We are Committed to Your Success

A Message from Attorney Gary Koos Concerning his Commitment to Justice and his Clients.

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